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All Shermco Vending machines come with a 60 day parts ONLY warranty. This includes all working parts, e.g. the bill validator, the coin mechanism, and the compressor. If something is not functioning correctly, we will provide you the part. You are responsible for any and all actions related to installing the part. Shermco can assist you on the installation via phone using our tech line. If Shermco Vending is required to come out to install a part, you will be charged for all costs related to the installation. User error is not covered under warranty. User error can be anything that was broken based on the user not operating or loading the machine correctly. Warranty does not cover damage caused by storm or building electrical problems as well as damage from leaks, floods or acts of God. Vandalism and theft is not covered under warranty. Warranty does not cover user changes made to a menu setting. If a malfunction is caused by the user changing a menu setting, a service fee will be charged to correct the problem. Shermco provides, you, the customer, with training specific to the machine purchased. You, the customer, agree that upon completion of training, you verify and sign off on the full-functionality of the machine. Shermco is strictly not liable for any loss of functionality to the machine that can be attributed to the aforementioned user error.

If you choose Shermco Vending for your delivery the following apply. Delivery fee is $100.00 per machine plus $1.00 per mile round trip for local deliveries only. Non local deliveries we charge freight services and freight rates. We deliver to a loading dock unless otherwise specified. Stairs are not included and are charged at $5.00 per stair on local deliveries only. Delivery service includes moving your machine from our warehouse to the inside of your location on local deliveries. You, the customer, are responsible for making sure that the machines will fit in the location and will clear all doorways. Please take proper measurements before scheduling a delivery. If you acquire your own location and use us for delivery and the point of contact at your location refuses the machine you will be charged the full delivery price. If you pick up your machine from Shermco Vending we will help load the machine into your vehicle. You will be responsible for providing any straps of ratchets required to secure the machine into the vehicle. You are responsible for unloading the machine and strapping the machine safely to your vehicle. Shermco Vending is not liable for securing your machine or unloading the machine. If the machine is damaged at any point during the transportation of the machine by you, the customer, Shermco Vending warranty does NOT apply.

If you choose to have Shermco Vending find you a location for your machine purchased from Shermco Vending a $100 for every 10 employees, fee will apply per machine per machine per location. A qualifying location from Shermco Vending must have no less than 25 Employees or foot traffic of 30 or more customers a day specifically passing your machine. Shermco does not guarantee any monetary amount of money a location can produce. Any implicit statements related to the potential profitability of any location do not merit an explicit, nor implicit, guarantee of the location’s viability, and strictly constitute the opinion of Shermco. Shermco will make a best-efforts attempt to find a location within a 20-mile radius of your home. Best-efforts constitutes any reasonable attempt made by Shermco to find a location. Shermco does not, and will not, guarantee that a location will be found in such a 20-mile radius. Shermco defines a 20-mile radius strictly as a direct line from your home address to a 20-mile outer point. In regards to finding a suitable location, Shermco will provide you a 20-mile radius map from your home location, and you agree that any attempt to negotiate a location within the 20-mile radius constitutes, in its entirety, the aforementioned “best-efforts” attempt. Declining locations within the 20-mile radius constitutes your agreement to rescind any possibility for you to receive a refund on any agreed-upon locating services conducted by Shermco, either aforementioned or in the body of this document hereafter. Shermco Vending provides a money back guarantee on the price of your machine if we do not find you a qualifying location within 60 days from your marketing launch date which will appear on your receipt. If you are asked to leave a location for not maintaining the machine or filling the machine, in any way, we will not pay for you to be replaced in another location. If the business closes within 1 year of placement we will relocate you for half price. Shermco gives you the right to visit a location before accepting it.

License agreement for locations
The fee for the location gives you the rights to vend from a Shermco location. Shermco owns the rights to the locations. The Shermco customer can vend in the location indefinitely unless they violate our terms shown below. If a location calls with 3 complaints, you will be asked to leave our program. It is important to act professional at all times. Using profanity is strictly prohibited and you must act and dress like a professional at all times. You must have good hygiene. You must fill the machine weekly or bi weekly. Smoking at the location or smelling like smoke is prohibited. You must act courteous to all employees at the location. If your machine breaks you must fix it within 48 hours. If a customer loses money in the machine you must pay that customer back. A $5 dollar fund must be left with the point of contact for potential machine failures. Call Shermco route owner if customers are losing money. You may be loading the machine incorrectly. You must have your name and number on the machine at all times so your customers can reach you. Some locations get a commission and can ask for a commission at any time during the process. You must pay the location the agreed-upon commission. If you breach the terms and conditions listed above, Shermco may ask you to vacate.

When your machine is ready for the location you will need to have the following items. You will need price stickers to display your prices. For soda machines, you will need to have selection labels, e.g. Coke, Pepsi, Sprite labels. You will need one roll of quarters, nickels and dimes for each machine to activate and run the machine. If you forget to bring change the date of training, change will be provided and you will be charged $20.00. You should also have a surge protector for your plug(s) and/or a voltage regulator. Your machine must be filled and ready to use before it is delivered.

Deposits and Refunds
Shermco Vending has a no refund policy. All sales are final. If you purchase a machine from Shermco Vending and need to make a change, you can trade in your machine for another of equal or lesser value. All sales at Shermco are final. If you place a deposit on a machine or on a location for sale and you back out of the purchase you will forfeit your deposit. If you purchase a machine and refuse to have us deliver the machine or you refuse to pick up the machine within 30 days of your marketing launch date, you will be charged a $5 per day storage fee for your machine until it is picked up and removed from the Shermco Vending facility.

I fully understand and agree to all the above mentioned terms and policies. I understand that any alterations made to this contract void the validity of any agreement made between Shermco and myself, the customer. Any and all alterations, regardless of their perceived materiality, require further negotiation and agreement prior to reinstatement of the contract.

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