Vending Machine Sales

At Shermco Vending we sell quality refurbish, location ready, vending machines. We carry all types of snack, soda, and combo vending machines and have in stock an inventory of over 30 machines that are ready to go for your new or existing vending machine company. Whether you’re in Washington DC, Maryland, or Virginia, we can help you find a machine that’s right for you and your business.

All machines that you purchase come equipped with a full warranty covering all parts and labor. Every machine you receive from Shermco vending goes through a vigorous 50 point check system to ensure they work perfectly.

We can also find you a location for any machine bought from us which will maximize your turnaround time and put money in your pocket faster then just being sold a machine. Having a location is the key to successes. We guarantee we will find you a location within 10 miles of your home and that you will make money! Shermco can even deliver your machine for you if needed and we are the most competitive priced vending company in the region. We have machines as low as $600 and we except all major credit cards.

One of the many reasons customers like to use Shermco vending is because of our customer service. We are always available to help our customers with any questions even after normal business hours. Any machine bought from us comes with a free private lesson with your machine. This will ensure you are comfortable with your machine. I invite all to come see our showroom in Rockville. Call us anytime for any vending questions!

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